Starting Date of Registrations:10th March 2019

Last Date for Registration: 15th June 2019


Global Women Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 (#weawards) started with a singular mission to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of women in India. and a vision to empower women Entrepreneurship. Yeforum took this initaitive To cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in women and inspire the next generation of women in power.It aims to celebrate and promote successful and promising Entrepreneurs who not only contribute to the business community and economy but also the social community.These entrepreneurs will serve to provide leadership and also as guiding examples for emerging and young or future entrepreneurs.Identify and honor established business women for their outstanding achievements and contribution to the society and to serve as guiding role models.

with above objective & Mission Yeforum invites Nominations from India women entrepreneurs (having business in India) for National Business Awards for Women i.e. "Global Women Entrepreneurship Awards 2019" (WeAward 2019) to be organised in July/August 2019. Entries being invited from all Entrepreneurs of India (Comapany registered in other country and have operations/business in India may apply ) for 30 Industries.

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